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Spring 2017
Jan - Apr

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9:30am - Midnight

You must have a valid SVA ID (with a CAC sticker) to use our facilities. Continuing Education Students do not have lab access beyond their class meeting time.

Full-time SVA undergrad/ graduate students currently enrolled in classes scheduled in the Computer Art Department may have lab access in non-restricted labs per availability. BFA Computer Art majors have priority access to all labs.

No food or drinks are permitted in our facilities.

Educational resources

The following materials are available for one week checkouts from the second floor front office. You must be a BFA Computer Art major.

Books / manuals

The Art of Pixar Collection
  • Art of the Incredibles

  • Art of Wall-E

  • Art of Kung-Fu Panda 2

  • Art of Toy Story 3

  • Art of UP

  • The Complete Color Scripts and Select Art from 25 Years of Animation

  • Saul Bass: A Life in Film and Design

  • Strata, The Art of Skylanders: Swap Force

Walt Disney Animation Studios Archive Series
  • Story

  • Design

  • Layout and Backgrounds

  • Animation

The Walt Stanchfield Lectures
  • Drawn to Life: Volume 1

  • Drawn to Life: Volume 2

  • The Illusion of Life, Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnston

  • The Animator's Survival Kit, Richard Williams

D'ARTISTE Ballistic Series
  • Character Design

  • Character Modeling 1-2

  • Concept Art 1

  • Elemental

  • Digital Painting 2

  • The Face: Modeling and Texturing

  • Matte Painting 1-2

  • Layout and Backgrounds

  • Vesage

Motion Graphics and Compositing
  • After Effects in Production: 2nd Edition for After Effects 6.5 by Trish & Chris Meyer

  • Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects 5.5 Volume 1: The Essentials, Trish & Chris Meyer

  • Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects 6.5 Volume 1: The Essentials, Trish & Chris Meyer

  • Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects 5.5 Volume 2: Advanced Techniques, Trish & Chris Meyer

  • Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects, 5th Edition: Advanced Techniques, Trish & Chris Meyer

  • Digital Compositing for Film and Video, Steve Wrigh

  • Motion: Revolutionary Motion Graphics, Damian Allen

  • Real World Digital Video 2nd Edition, Shaner Jones

3D Graphics
  • 3D Graphics And Animation: From Starting up to Standing Out, Mark Giambruno

  • Acting for Animators, Ed Hooks

  • Acting for Animators (Revised Edition), Ed Hooks

  • The Art of 3D Computer Animationand Imaging, Isaac Victor Kerlow

  • The Computer Animator's Technical Handbook, Lynn Pocock & Judson Rosebush

  • [Digital] Cinematography and Directing, Dan Ablan

  • [Digital] Lighting and Rendering, Jeremy Birn

  • [Digital] Texturing and Painting, Owen Demers

  • Digital Character Animation 2: Volume 1 - Essential Techniques, George Maestri

  • Secrets of ZBrush Experts, Daryl Wise & Marina Anderson

New Film, Editing, Cinematography
  • A Sense of Direction (Some Observations on the Art of Directing), William Ball

  • Film Directing; Cinematic Motion, Steven D. Katz

  • Film Directing; Shot by Shot, Steven D. Katz

  • The Filmmaker's Handbook, Steven Ascher & Edward Pincus

  • Film Production Technique 4th Edition, Bruce Mamer

  • The Five C's of Cinematography, Joseph V. Mascelli

  • Pause and Effect: The Art of Interactive Narrative, Mark Stephen Meadows

  • New Documentary Storytelling, Sheila Curran Bernard

  • New American Cinematographer Manual, Tenth Edition

  • New VES Handbook of Visual Effects: Industry Standard VFX Practices and Procedures, edited Jeffrey A. Okun and Susan Zwerman

  • New The ASC Treasury of Visual Effects By Leading Masters Of Film Wizardy, Linwood G. Dunn, ASC & George E. Turner

  • New Directing The Documentary, Michael Rabiger

  • Exploring Interface Design, Marc Silver

  • Getting a Job in CG, Sean Wagstaff

  • MTV: Process, Inspiration, and Practice for the New Media Designer, Hillman Curtis