On A Tangent: Animation and Visual Effects Podcast

On A Tangent: Episode 10 - Ruel Smith

Ruel is a 2004 SVA Computer Art Alum who is currently working as an animator at Digital Domain. He most recently animated on “Black Panther” and “The Jungle Book.” During this podcast, we dive deep into Ruel’s journey. Born in Jamaica, he came to New York City to pursue a career as an animator. As a student, Ruel shares with us his time at SVA, discussing teachers he clicked with, the countless amount of hours spent animating, and watching tutorials. Ruel blessed us with wisdom that not only young aspiring animators should know, but young artists as well. Lastly, Ruel shares his future steps in the industry as he showcases his talent as a Director with the release of future film projects.

On A Tangent: Episode 9 - Ryan Moran

Ryan is an SVA Computer Art alum of 2007 who currently working as Lead Animator at Psyop and Advance Character Animation Professor here at SVA. We talked about Ryan's lengthly drive to absorb as much information he could get in order to push his quality of work further, advice on how to utilize online animation schools like iAnimate and Animation Mentor, and suggestions on how to develop your reel for applying for studios.

On A Tangent: Episode 8 - Jun Zee Myers

During this episode, Zee shares her long career path from bar-tending in New York to animating at Weta Digital to becoming Animation Studio Lead at Buzzfeed LA. We talked about her experience across different forms of animation and working on projects remotely with other creators through Artella..

On A Tangent: Episode 7 - Karis Oh

For our last episode of the season, we had the privilege of talking with Karis Oh, a 2D animator, illustrator, and SVA 2016 alumna. Karis is well known for her short film The Moment, which has gotten a lot of press this past year, including a Vimeo Staff Pick! Since graduating, Karis has worked at various NYC studios such as Humble, Framestore, and Psyop. During this episode, Karis discusses her storytelling process, what it means to be a director, and the challenges that comes with taking risks for your passion.

On A Tangent: Episode 6 - Elaina Brilliantes and Yana Pan

During this episode, Yana and Elaina chatted with us about their recent post-grad life, working together as directors, and having a positive attitude during senior year. We had a lot of laughs and we were so glad to see these two again!

On A Tangent: Episode 5 - Kevin Li

Happy 2017 Everybody! We're kicking off the New Year with designer and animator Kevin Li! He created and directed Burger Bros, an original short for Nickelodeon's Shorts Program. He has worked at various commercial studios including Nathan Love, Psyop, Framestore, and HOPR. Aside from animation, Kevin runs an online store called Kitchsn Co. In this episode we talk about thesis, directing your own short, and the perks of 2D animation.

On A Tangent: Episode 4 - Annlyn Huang

Annlyn Huang is a character designer at Blue Sky Studios, having recently worked on Ice Age: Collision Course. She graduated from San Jose State University in 2013 and interned as a background painter on the Oscar-nominated short film, The Dam Keeper.

On A Tangent: Episode 3 - Ellen Su

Ellen Su (Class of 2013) is a multidisciplinary CG artist and has worked at Moonbot Studios, R/GA, and Psyop. Currently, Ellen is an art director at Aardman Nathan Love and an adjunct professor in the BFA Computer Art department at the School of Visual Arts.

On A Tangent: Episode 2 - MontaQue Ruffin

MontaQue Ruffin (Class of 2013) is a 3D animator who freelanced at various studios in New York (such as Framestore and MPC) before starting his career at Pixar Animation Studios. At Pixar, he has worked on Good Dinosaur and Finding Dory. MontaQue also pursues personal projects like The Book of Mojo and will be teaching his first AnimSchool term class this fall.

SVA Computer Art Podcast: Episode 1 - Johnny Han

Deepa Paulus (Class of 2018) and Sebastian Gat (Class of 2017) talk with CG Supervisor Johnny Han (Class of 2003) whose credits include Pacific Rim, Star Trek Into Darkness, Heroes, and Smallville (to name a few), about the visual effects industry.

On A Tangent: Episode 1 - Suejee Lee, Matt Cerini, Kenneth Rosen

Get to know the hosts of On A Tangent, Suejee Lee (Class of 2018), Matt Cerini (Class of 2018), and Kenneth Rosen (Class of 2019) and how they came to love animation.