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Why computer art

For over 50 years the School of Visual Arts has earned a unique and distinguished reputation as a premiere college for the visual arts. Unlike any other college, the School of Visual Arts exclusively hires working professionals as instructors. Our faculty members are working professionals who enjoy teaching, not full-time or tenured professors.

The Computer Art department offers extensive instruction in 3D Computer Animation, Motion Graphics, Compositing and Visual Effects. Electives are offered each year in computer programming and scripting, game design, interactive media and installation art. Computer Art majors are also required to take non-computer art studio electives from the many outstanding programs at SVA.

SVA Computer Art Pre-College

Our students presented their final projects at the SVA Theater on their last day of classes.

The future of the industry

Every year, July provides an important energy to the Computer Art department. The month starts off quiet with few classes or students around as everyone travels to their Independence Day getaways. The halls and classroom sit empty and there are few students to fill the hallways with the buzz of learning. The quiet, however, does not last long as our pre-college students arrive shortly after the holiday. By mid-July, the department is filled with young ambitious pre-college students eager to have their first taste of an ever-changing industry. This year we had over 35 pre-college students join us from all over the world.

For three weeks, five days a week, our pre-college students study computer animation and motion graphics. Pre-college instructor Josephine Noh said, "I was very happy that most of the students were girls this year, because it goes to show how our industry is evolving and appealing to all genders. Another thing I noticed was that the students were utilizing other mediums to supplement their computer animations, whether as reference or as final project material, which I found really boosted their creativity and motivated them to learn."

The computer animation students spend the semester learning modeling and animation using Maya. Some students may have never touch the software before but by the end of the 3-weeks each student is able to complete a one-minute project. Our motion graphics students all team up to complete a 10-minute project together. Each student chooses a roll, have it be writer, editor, cinematographer or effects artist and they all collaborate to create the final project.

Student work shown on the big screen.

When asked what they will remember most about their time at SVA one student said, "I will remember how cool and positive Josephine was. How quickly I learned such an impossible program, and how much I was able to get done in 3 weeks... SVA rules!"

Another mentioned, "Mr. Neumann was one of the best instructors I've ever had in any class. He was teaching down to a science and I'll remember what I learned forever."

Finally, a student said, "What I will remember most is what I learned about the Adobe programs and how nice and funny my instructor and classmates were."

With another successful year of pre-college, we look forward to seeing some of our pre-college students as undergraduates in the near future.