Outstanding Achievement Awards

Computer Animation, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

Chair's Selection

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Jae Kyong Cheong, The Last Adventurer
Mina Choe, The City Below
Vincent Suhwoo Choe, La Flore
Matthew Dagrosa, Wasteland
Cash Echevarria, Free Energy
Shanli Goff, Couch Potato
Eun Da Jeong, Butterfly and Mantis
Na Ha, The Last Breath
Jin Hyung Ji, Moment of Choice
Hye Min Ki, The Full Circle
Justin Kim, A Moment in Time
Elizabeth Ko, Puppeteer
Da Sol Lim, Cataclysm
Kevin Nunez, Cold and Hungry
Jihyun Paik & Norman Roberts, Solitude
Robert Palleschi, The Hunting
Evelyn Park, Home Sweet Home
Lee Seul Park, Fear Not
Soobum Park, Gravity
Eugene Reardon, Oscar
Anne Marie Rivera, Rise of the Dark Witch
Oliver Saintilien, Jungle Story
Ashley Smith, Vampire Nuns From Hell
Beatrice Sniper, Anthem
Kayla Spurrell, Rorrim
Thomas Szenher, Fish Out Of Water
Yi Long Tan, Bacon Society
Collin Wynn, Just Imagine
Leah Youk, Banya
Alex Zubrovich, The 13th Floor