Outstanding Achievement Awards

Computer Animation, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

Chair's Selection

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Ian Berger, A Play on Words
Andrew Byun, Goon
Christopher Calabrese, Pizza Joe
Margaret Choi, Pop Up
Grace Chung, The Letter
Victoria Di Liberto, Mangia Mangia
Youngho Do, Coconut
Julia Gervase, Night At The Lighthouse
Jun Lee, Gom
Areum Han, Invisible
Cody Hann, Monkey Saves The World
Mee Jin Jang, Strawboy
Jin Fang Jiang, Ethereal
Min Kyung Jung, The Runner
Jin Mook Kang, Drag-Horn
Aditi Khosla, The Conqueror Worm
John J. Kim, Moe Nuts
Max Kim, Observer
Whie Jae Kim, Inescapable
Michael Ko, Where The Moon Shines
Amy Lai, Memento Mori
Changwook Lee, Shadow Play
Michelle Li, Mui Ting
Di Woo Lu, In Motion
Doug Milbrod, Chronicles Of An Average Bro
Eric Nunez, The Last Fathom
Vraja Parra, Transient
Ryan Saxe, The Binding of Bean Dip
Vivian Shen, A Winter's Tale
Christina Shin, Fungus Bungus
Thomas Sidman, Orekaeru
Toba Siebzener, Monkey Business
Pun Sintharangkun, Grai
Daniel Waltzer, Heart Struck
Chao Wang, Les Etapes