Outstanding Achievement Awards

Computer Animation, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

Chair's Selection

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Xingbai An, Le Banquet
Jasmine Andres & Maria Grullon, The Keeper
James Bolan, The Journey of a Wishing Star
Benjamin Cone, Maya
Zamantha De Gula, Caffeine & You
Daniel Finn, As Above So Below
Rey Fisher, Courtship
Charles Flores, The Death of Death
Junhao Fu, Seeking
Vincent Guardado, The Thief
James Gulino, The Red Skeleton
Andre Hasan, The Ghoul Friend
Margaret Hsu, Orikami
Caitlin Jackson, Goliath
Sarah Jones, Flower of Life
Yong Jae Lee & Minsoo Kang, Golazo
Jared Lewin, Deadline
Yongho Lim, The Grab
Amanda Lu & Brenda Quijije, Fernweh
Polina McGuire &Jessica Nalbach, Abram
Cassandra Mendez, Louie
Won Park, Le Printemps
Brandon Pericon & Christofer Rademacher, Powered
Melvin Rosado, A Voice Crying In The Wilderness
Leoandy Santana, Ascension
Eric Shao, Silent Voyage
Jaime Silva, Origin of Storms
Kevin Tran & Fei Zhong, Where The Wind Travels
Arielle Trenk, Moral Compass
Ilya Tselnik, To The End
Joo Hee Ui, Aji
Jaehyun Yeon, When The Sun Rises